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It all started when...

Francesco Nuccitelli

Francesco Nuccitelli’s love for the hospitality world began in Italy, when, dissatisfied with his job in finance, he quit to pursue his dream of working in restaurants with the hope of one day running his own. 

With abundant passion but few hospitality skills, Francesco started where many successful restaurateurs before him had: at the bottom. He took a job at a local cafe, taking on a series of roles - barista, server, kitchen duty - to learn the business from the ground up. He eventually graduated to manager, and then assumed an ownership role. The experience had confirmed his hunch: He was at home in the restaurant industry. 

In 2007, Francesco sold his interest in the Italian café and moved to New York City. Facing a language barrier and unaccustomed to the fast pace of city life, Francesco again found himself facing a challenge. And again his passion pulled him through. He took a series of lower-level jobs with restaurants - including making deliveries on his yellow bicycle - and used his earnings to pay for language lessons. And when he became more proficient in English, he secured a job as manager at an East Village restaurant. From there, Francesco landed a position as manager at the renowned Il Gattopardo, an Italian restaurant owned by the Sorrentino family. It was there that Francesco refined his natural hospitality skills and learned the essentials of world-class service. 

After several years at Il Gattopardo, Francesco's dream of running his own restaurant came true. In 2013, Francesco opened Sociale in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. Reflecting his warm, friendly personality, his love of Italian cuisine and wine, as well as the level of service he has come to demand, Sociale's welcoming atmosphere, worldly sophistication and exciting menu have made it a neighborhood favorite. 

Francesco knows that every successful restaurant is built upon a strong and skilled team, and Sociale is no exception. While he was gaining experience in other New York restaurants, Francesco was also identifying potential members for his team, and he credits them today for the success of Sociale as well as keeping him inspired. That outstanding team includes Ismael, Pablo, Rodrigo Chef Rosendo and Pastry Chef Monica. They have been working side-by-side since the restaurant’s opening and beforehand. Their tireless efforts, passion, dedication, integrity and loyalty keep inspiring and compelling Francesco to continue to look for new ways to be a better leader. 

And outside the restaurant, Francesco has placed a reminder of his long voyage from barista in Italy, to New York City restaurant owner - the yellow bicycle he rode when making deliveries stands on the sidewalk in testament to his hard work and passion. And it's not just for show. The bicycle is also used to make local deliveries today for Sociale! 

(Among the many accolades Sociale has earned are a “Good Standard” rating from Michelin Guide and “Diners’ Choice Winner” by users.) 


Chef Rosendo Lozano

Executive Chef Rosendo Lozano has worked all positions in the finest kitchens in New York City. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way to line cook, then was hired by American celebrity chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Scott Conant. As a member of Conant’s well-trained team at Scarpetta, Rosendo rose to Chef de Cuisine before coming to Sociale. Using only the best American and imported ingredients Chef Rosendo creates seasonal menus of traditional and visionary Italian fare that have guests savoring every morsel on their plates. Rosendo lives in Brooklyn with his wife and four children.